Saturday, July 19, 2008

Moestiko Moestiko !

I guess it was our college second year. Time was around 7.30 PM and I was sitting in the Black Light server room, and you know what I was doing there :)

Suddenly entered our "Scratch Man" with his usual hop ramp walk galloping his way inside. Immediately on seeing me, starting singing a verse mostly using his nose, it took me some time to realize he was actually talking. I am not sure about my level of Mallu language proficiency that time.

I guess he asked me if it was not a hard time to sit in that room for a long time. Then I asked him why. Then he told me it was because of MOESTIKO ! I asked him what ?? MOESTIKO he yelled again. It was clear but, what on earth was a MOESTIKO ?

I had to run through all my high school english classes to ensure I was not missing any complex word in english. I looked around to see if any thing highly complex or dangerous is around. I was actually starting to panic due to the tension that was in his voice. OMG ! something terrible, MOESTIKO he shouted again.

Finally he realized it no use explaining to me. Then he said - Kodhu, Kodhuvaada.. Aa cheriya saathanam.. He then did perform what I would call, was a really pathetic dance movement with his hand. Oops ! I realised he was trying to show something that was flying. Kodhu - he repeated again.

One of my neurons, suddenly whispered in my ear - Kosu - the tamil equivalent word. I was having a very good laugh realizing - Damn MOSQUITOES ! I didn't even notice them. Hehe.. I must have been involved in doing the main task with the BLACK LIGHT server :)

P.S. I have exaggerated the event that happened a little, for the purpose of making it fun for the readers. Please take it lightly and this is not meant to hurt anyone's feelings. :P


  1. hooo hoo..funny yaarr..MOESTIKO Rokz !!
    he eh...[:D]..can't control..hoo hoooo hehehe

  2. Good one man . Keep posting .

  3. Excellent one... hehehehe

  4. Sounds great..
    Who is the scratch man..
    Where is the Black Light Server...

  5. Black Light Server is the computer in the room where Arshad, Kerala, Sibhu and Sreenath lived


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