Friday, August 21, 2009


A Masterpiece by Mumshad well known as Thodesh :D
The person sleeping is Ashwin Dinesh well known as Thadiyan.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Last Night in NEC Hostel

Part - 1

Staring : KS and Team
Voice : Rajavanya, KS
Direction and Camera : Rajavanya

Part - 2

Staring: Chaman
Voice : Rajavanya, Chaman
Direction and Camera : Rajavanya

Blog post by Prajish

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pallan Knock out !!!

Created with Admarket'sflickrSLiDR.

Warning:- Above content is not published with the intention to hurt anyone :P
Please don't take it seriously, then come to room, hit be, break my bones, and get me admitted in hospital !

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Moestiko Moestiko !

I guess it was our college second year. Time was around 7.30 PM and I was sitting in the Black Light server room, and you know what I was doing there :)

Suddenly entered our "Scratch Man" with his usual hop ramp walk galloping his way inside. Immediately on seeing me, starting singing a verse mostly using his nose, it took me some time to realize he was actually talking. I am not sure about my level of Mallu language proficiency that time.

I guess he asked me if it was not a hard time to sit in that room for a long time. Then I asked him why. Then he told me it was because of MOESTIKO ! I asked him what ?? MOESTIKO he yelled again. It was clear but, what on earth was a MOESTIKO ?

I had to run through all my high school english classes to ensure I was not missing any complex word in english. I looked around to see if any thing highly complex or dangerous is around. I was actually starting to panic due to the tension that was in his voice. OMG ! something terrible, MOESTIKO he shouted again.

Finally he realized it no use explaining to me. Then he said - Kodhu, Kodhuvaada.. Aa cheriya saathanam.. He then did perform what I would call, was a really pathetic dance movement with his hand. Oops ! I realised he was trying to show something that was flying. Kodhu - he repeated again.

One of my neurons, suddenly whispered in my ear - Kosu - the tamil equivalent word. I was having a very good laugh realizing - Damn MOSQUITOES ! I didn't even notice them. Hehe.. I must have been involved in doing the main task with the BLACK LIGHT server :)

P.S. I have exaggerated the event that happened a little, for the purpose of making it fun for the readers. Please take it lightly and this is not meant to hurt anyone's feelings. :P